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If you want us to review your service in the blog post, you can avail our sponsored content review option. We make sure to do our research and provide an honest review based on our research and experience.

Our sponsored content is approximately 500-1000 words in length, depending on the content. All sponsored content will be posted on the front page for at least 4-5 days or unless specified. After the front trial is up, the content will have a permanent residence in our archives. Please include your links and images.


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Image Lode is available to hold events for public speaking in terms of appearances, engaged speaking and most commonly, interviews.


It is important to note that Image Lode is strictly based on Insurance aspects that are meant to help our readers. Our reviews will be honest and well-written as we always indicate the presences of sponsorship to our readers. We take extra care for the opinions and ideas of our readers as it is our goal to prove the most honest and trust-worthy advice to help make their insurance decisions the most comfortable and content decisions they could ever make for themselves and their families.